10 years’ service

17th July 2018


Hi Hannah, thank you for the taking the time to speak about your amazing achievement of 10 years’ service here with us at Daybreak. I understand that you have progressed from a nursery assistant all the way up to the Managerial team at ACA!

Yes I’ve have been working for Daybreak for 10 years. I originally worked at the Rickmansworth branch for 7 years before progressing into a managerial role in the Amersham branch for the latest 3 years. I am extremely passionate about my job and love to help others. In my own time, I enjoy reading, socialising with friends, shopping and visiting restaurants.

Question 1
What was it that inspired you to come into childcare 10 years ago, when you first started at Daybreak?

Initially I wanted to work within the Travel and Tourism sector as I was studying this at college when I was introduced to Daybreak by my sister (who still works for Daybreak now). I worked two days a week whilst studying and really enjoyed the time I spent there so when I finished college, I decided to work at Daybreak full-time.

Question 2
During 10 years’ service you must have experienced a few Ofsted inspections, describe to us how you felt during your first inspection to now?

I have experienced many Ofsted inspections within my career. At the beginning, I didn’t have much involvement however I remember feeling nervous because they come in and watch your every move! I remember having an inspection at the Rickmansworth branch when I was in a room leader position. I remember giving them a tour, showing them what we do and give evidence. This year in February, I was involved in an Ofsted inspection at the Amersham branch and I am now in a managerial role so I had lots of involvement in answering questions in the management questioning part. I felt pretty confident and wanted the inspector to see what we do and do well. I reminded myself that they are only human and they carry out inspections to ensure we provide a high standard of care to the children!

Question 3
You will have seen and experienced many situations in 10 years; Ofsted inspections, changes to the EYFS curriculum, new and returning families, staffing, training. Is there anything that sticks out over the years as a fond memory or situation?

I have many memories of all the above, but the fondest memory which sticks in my mind was helping a child who was newly adopted to a new family and that child required a lot of support with their learning and development. The child was wonderful to be around and the parents were extremely grateful for everything myself and the setting provided. It was totally fulfilling and reminded me why I work with children, to not only support the child, but to support the families as well.

Question 4
What is it you enjoy most about coming to work?

When I get up in the mornings to go into work, my main aim of the day is to feel as though I have made a difference to someone else, whether that is a child, a staff member or a parent. That is what makes my job worthwhile!

Question 5
What are you most proud of in your career?

I am most proud of my natural progression with Daybreak and the support that has been provided to me. I started as a Nursery Assistant and I am now in an Acting Manager position. I have many people to thank for the never ending opportunities.

Question 6
Do you have any advice for anyone not sure if childcare is the right path for them?

I think if anyone is considering a career in childcare, they need to ask themselves these two questions – do you enjoy being around children? And, are you passionate about making a difference to others? If you answer yes, then you should go for it. It is hard work but very rewarding!

Question 7
What would you do differently if you had your career path ahead of you again?

I studied my NVQ Level 3 Childcare and Level 3 Management training whilst working at Daybreak. Looking back, I would have enjoyed taking on further study and possibly undertaken a childcare degree however I am now in a different stage of my life now and very happy with how my career is going.

Question 8
Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years???

It is hard to say where I see myself in another 10 years’ time, as I look forward to buying my own house and having children of my own. I would like to think I will remain in the childcare industry somewhere or another making a difference to others.


Thank you for your time Hannah and we look forward to your future achievements within daybreak Nurseries.

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