Ofsted Good

Amersham Chiltern Avenue

Amersham Town Centre

Rickmansworth Shepherds Lane

Rickmansworth Town Centre

We know we are good and so do Ofsted

Established in 2004, Daybreak Nurseries is an independent local company that offers high-quality flexible childcare.

Our nurseries are based in Amersham Town Centre, Amersham Chiltern Avenue, Rickmansworth Town Centre and Rickmansworth Shepherds Lane. Each Nursery has developed a unique character that reflects the diversity and individuality of our children.

Our Philosophy – We believe learning should be fun!

Daybreak Nurseries takes the holistic approach, we work in developing the whole child; physically, mentally and socially. We nurture each child’s natural curiosity to reach their full developmental potential, in their formative years by helping them to develop the social skills and confidence they will require as they move on.

Your child is an individual with unique emotional and learning needs. We believe it is essential to maintain close parental communication in order to monitor and streamline our care with yours.

We believe that these are the key elements that ensure all our children are happy and content.

We do this by:


Providing a stimulating safe environment


Encouraging children’s natural learning


Fostering imagination and creativity


Developing lively and enquiring minds


Enabling children to develop friendships


Listening to the needs of our children and their parents


Developing independence, self respect and self-confidence


Recognising all cultures and family backgrounds


Respecting other children’s religious faiths

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