First time pregnancies

5th July 2016

Kylie Lehane (Assistant Manager at ATC) and Laura Stevens (Manager at ACA) have been instrumental in our great “we are mums too” marketing campaign and are responsible for the marketing and in particular social media and our Blogs. They are both pregnant and are expecting their first babies this year in September and October respectively. They normally interview our lovely mums for information for our blogs and I thought I would turn it around and interview them:-


1.Being pregnant for the first time how have you found it and any milestones or funny antidote’s you could share with us?

Kylie – So far my pregnancy has been very straightforward with no complications and barely any of the regular symptoms. To be honest, until I started getting a little larger in the tummy area I still wasn’t convinced I was actually pregnant due to my lack of symptoms. I understand I’ve been very lucky so far and am not taking it for granted, hopefully the rest of my pregnancy will run as smoothly.

Laura – My pregnancy from the off has been a rollercoaster experience, it hasn’t seemed that straight forward for me however slowly but surely I seem to be getting used to it. Obviously we are very excited however each milestone of pregnancy that the book may tell you a symptom you could possibly get  … seemed to be happening. The worst for me has been the sickness and having no control over my body. Sickness lasted from around 7 weeks to 18/19 weeks pregnant not just in the mornings it decided to appear in the evenings too.

2. You are both in important roles within Daybreak, how have you found combining both working and your pregnancy.

Kylie – So far it hasn’t affected my job or responsibilities in any way. As aforementioned I had no morning sickness so was able to continue as normal. As I get bigger I’m starting to feel a little more tired and achy at the end of the day and realise that I won’t be able to do some of the more strenuous jobs soon but I aim to carry on as normal as much as possible. As I get further along and need more midwife appointments and other such appointments I feel guilty for having to take time away being part of a very busy nursery, but I try as much as possible to schedule them around shifts or previously booked annual leave days.

Laura – Becoming pregnant hasn’t affected my job role or responsibilities within the work place however I have had to priorities especially my mornings to allow enough time to get up and sort the morning sickness out to ensure I can still get to work on time. I have found working during my pregnancy nice. I have received some lovely comments and advice from parents and my staff team are very supportive, especially when it comes to me stretching or lifting things (ev4.en if I do tell them I can do it). I am starting to get more tired but I am lucky to have a good team around me and we keep everybody motivated which helps take you mind off the little niggles.


3. Being in a management role as you know can be extremely busy and exhausting on a day to day basis, when pregnant, tiredness levels can also be increased. What are your tips for coping with possible added tiredness?

Kylie – Again I didn’t suffer too much from tiredness. I had the odd day were I felt really exhausted and would fall asleep once I got home but during the day, while going about my daily jobs at the nursery  I always feel fine and so far, it hasn’t affected my roles and responsibilities.

Laura – I have found that you really do need to listen to your body, there has been some evenings I have come home from work got in the bath and been in bed quite early but that just seems to help, sometimes we all need an early night. I have found what you are eating has an impact on this too, there is no use having snacks and sugar boosts to help you get through the day, A lot of water and fruit is my key plus it seems to be what baby wants! Win win!


4. Has being pregnant changed the way you think about your policies and procedures and how effective they are?

Kylie – This hasn’t been something I’ve really thought about to be honest. I’m sure once I’ve had the baby and I return to work (hopefully with baby in tow) the nurseries policies and procedures will affect me more as a parent, especially the illnesses procedures and exclusion periods, there might be some relying on grandparents to look after a potentially ill child so I can still work.

Laura – There have been a few things as we prepare for baby and thinking about babies life at Daybreak. I find that when I am in manager meetings I can relate allot more to parent questions or worries because I start to think well how would that make me feel. However from a Nursery Nurse point of view the policies are in place for a reason and we have to remember that.

5. Has it helped you by working in a nursery and seeing the small babies and children grow to prepare for motherhood?

Kylie – I think it has definitely helped prepared me to an extent. I feel like I know a little about what to expect and have some ideas about the kind of parent I wish to be. Although of course you never really know, every child is different and I may change my mind completely once the baby is actually here. I’m open minded and me and my husband will go with the flow as much as possible in response to what the baby needs. 

Laura – I have been slightly out of the loop of babies for a few years but thinking back to working at Rickmansworth as a room leader watching the children come into the setting as babies and leaving the pre-school at graduation is an amazing thing! Everybody says the time goes so quickly so we are ready to embrace every minute of it. As much as watching the children learn and grow, I am unsure anybody can prepare us for what we have coming … (haha)

6. Are you both ready for your maternity leave and the imminent birth of your babies?

Kylie – I’ve just recently planned for when I go on maternity leave, it was very surreal as I’ve been at Daybreak for 10 years this year and can’t imagine not coming in everyday. Although I must admit I’m really looking forward to a little ‘me’ time before the baby arrives and obviously spending the proceeding time with my new baby. I’m certainly not ready for the baby yet and still have a lot to buy and prepare and I’m certainly not ready for labour . . . but who is?

Laura – To be honest maternity leave is something that hasn’t really crossed my mind yet obviously we are putting things in place for the nursery for when I do leave however it hasn’t really sunk it that I will be going. In my head, baby is going to pop out and I will be back at work before you know it. However my partner and I do have a “babymoon” coming up so it will be so nice to spend some time together before we are ready for our little man to arrive. With regard to the labour… there’s no going back he’s coming out either way and I will be going in with that attitude.


7. Have the children helped you choose any names for your baby? (when I was pregnant preschool wanted to call my baby Hercules or Princess Aurora LOL)

Kylie – As I work in the baby unit with the toddlers (18mths to 30mths) they’re not really aware of my pregnancy or have any ideas about names. We have ‘The Break’ children (afterschool club) in our area downstairs and they are always asking about my baby, they like to touch my bump and ask me whether it’s a boy or girl (which I’m not finding out).

Laura – As I have only just started the show I’m not sure the children could get their head around the fact that I am having a baby. A few of the children will say “Laura, you have a baby in your tummy, I have a baby too”. I think as I get bigger the names will be something we discuss.. pretty sure it will have something to do with frozen or super hero’s knowing our pre-school children.


8. Have any parents offered you any advice or pearls of wisdom about becoming a mum?

Kylie – I‘ve had lots of congratulations and parents asking me how I’m feeling but so far no pearls of wisdom. One parent has very kindly offered me her old car seat at a low price but being our first born we’re quite keen to buy all new and unused baby paraphernalia, but we are extremely grateful for her thoughtfulness.

Laura – I have received a lot of support and some lovely emails. Many of the dads in particular have joked how our life’s are going to change.. Some Words of wisdom from our mums is to look after myself and listen to my body, which is the main thing I have been trying to do.  I am now looking forward to becoming a first time mummy and joining in with being able to say “We are mums too!

   Beach life #babybump #mummytobe ?
Kylie is due in September                                    Laura is due in October


Thanks for your time and great answers ladies, we look forward to meeting both babies in the near future and perhaps having a follow up interview about how you’re both finding motherhood.

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