Sample Menu



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Option 1 Chicken, Vegetable & Leek Pie with Healthy Roast potatoes Moussaka served with Peas & sweetcorn Luxury fish bake in a cheese sauce, with green vegetables Sausage & bean Casserole with creamed potatoes Squash & vegetable curry with savoury rice
Option 2 Vegetable & Leek pie and as above Quorn Moussaka and as above Lentil bake with green vegetables Quorn sausages and as above As above
Dessert Chocolate & Orange marble cake Bananas with healthy toffee sauce chocolate Tart with ice cream Apple cake Fruit crumble with custard
Ingredients: Main Chicken, Peas, onions Leeks, milk, cornflour, chicken stock, shortcrust pastry potatoes  Olive oil Minced lamb, aubergines, potatoes, oregano, onions garlic, tomatoes, potatoes egg, natural yoghurt, peas & sweet corn White fish fillets, cheddar, onions, fish stock, milk, Potatoes, flora, olive oil parsley, dill red Leicester Pork Sausages, onions, carrots peas mixed pulses, chicken stock, black pepper, passatta mixed herbs potatoes milk flora red Leicester Butternut squash, spinach, onions, garlic, Tikka spice mix, vegetable stock, black pepper, carrots, lentils, Rice Crème fraiche tomatoes
Ingredients: Vegetarian As above minus chicken with vegetable stock As above with quorn mince As above minus fish with added mixed lentils & vegetable stock As above with quorn sausages and vegetable stock As above
Ingredients: Dessert Flour, eggs, sugar, oranges, cocoa, flour Bananas, brown sugar, cream & yoghurt Shortcrust pastry, Milk chocolate, milk, double cream SR Flour, flora, brown sugar eggs dessert apples Seasonal dessert fruits, SR flour brown sugar flora milk, custard powder
Teas Savory pancakes with a variety of fillings Cheese and ham toasties Muffins with cheese and tomato topping Puff pastry open pie with cheese, ham and marmite Wholemeal rolls with a variety of fillings